Working With Text

Entering text into schoolGO is easy. Just type. You can also copy and paste text from another source like a word document or web site.

A word about pasting text

When you copy text from another source and paste it into schoolGO, you may also get the formatting of that text (text size, color, style, justification, etc). This may or may not be desirable. If the text doesn't look right, take a moment and reset its text properties.

Text Properties

schoolGO offers a wide range of options to make your text look great. Above the top of the text area are the text tools.

Use these tools to change the way your text looks.

Text Tool Descriptions and Usages

    Text Alignment
        Align you text left, center or right justified.

    Text Style
        Bold, Italic, Underline or Strikeout.

    Text Color
        Select some text to change the text's color.

    Text Background Color
        Use this tool to set the background color of the selected text.

    Paragraph Background Color

        This sets the background color of an entire paragraph.

    Increase/Decrease Paragraph Indent
        Use this tool to create an indent for a paragraph.
            Click again to increase the indent.
        Click to decrease the indent.

    Increase/Decrease Paragraph Padding

These options define the padding of a paragraph (padding 1).

This works well with the paragraph background color to create titles and boxed text (padding 3).

With the use of the padding, background color and text color, you can make some interesting effects.

    Link and Unlink
        Use this tool to create a link that the user can click. Simply select the desired text, then click the Link tool . Enter the link you want. For example, to link to google, you would enter "".

    Font Size
        We all know this one. Simply select some text and choose the size you want. 10 point text, 12 point text or 24 point.  Try not to go crazy. Text in lots of different sizes is sometimes harder to read - especially on a phone.

    Remove Text Formatting
        Click this button to remove all formatting (align, colors, sizes, everything) for all the text in the current area. This is useful after you paste text from a source that contains a lot of unwanted formatting.

    Add Image
        This option adds an image in the location of the cursor. When you click this button, the image selector window will open. In it, you can select the image to display and resize it if desired.

    Styles Menu
        Click this option to view the styles menu. In this menu, you can create or apply a style. A style is a pre-formatted set of text properties. To create a style, set some text the way you want it (change the color, padding, etc). Then, select that text and choose "Save Selection as New Style" from the styles menu. Give your style a name and now, you can select any text and immediately apply the styles to the selected text.

There is also a an option called "Sample Styles". Choose this option to display the "Samples Palette" where you can apply several common style types.