schoolGO Teacher Websites

About the schoolGO Websites

Even though your viewers can access you on the schoolGO app, it's still important to have a website for people to view. schoolGO makes it easy to have a personalized website. Your customized website will be generated from the very same data you enter in schoolGO. So, there is no double data entry!

Turn on the Website option

To have schoolGO create your website, just turn it on. Login to the schoolGO Editor and click the Website button at the bottom-right of the Edit Staff screen.

When the Staff Website window opens, check the Enable schoolGO Website check box. Next, select a website theme from the list. There are lots of themes to choose from and we're always adding more. Click Done to save your selection. The next time you click Save, your schoolGO website will be created. And, each time you change anything in schoolGO, your website will be updated automatically! How cool is that?

Your schoolGO website will be located at: [YOUR ID NUMBER] /
Your ID Number is displayed at the bottom of the Staff Website window.

You can change themes anytime you want. You could choose a Halloween theme in October. Then change the theme to a snow theme in December.