Sign Ups

About Sign Ups

Sign Ups are a way for teachers to have their connected parents select an option from a list of choices. The choices can be anything you want. For example, a list of days and times for parent-teacher conferences, items needed for the big party, bake sale goods, etc. You (the teacher) have 100% control over what the items are. schoolGO will make sure that no two parents select the same item. You can also put an end date for the sign up and even choose which parents can participate.

As your parents sign up, you'll be able to see who signed up for which items. You can even print out the results!

Creating A Sign Up

To make a sign up, login to the schoolGO Editor and click "Show Teacher Areas". Then, click "Sign Ups" in the list of options on the right.

Click the Create New Sign Up button.

Give your new Sign Up a name. Your parents will see this name so use a name that describes the Sign Up. For example, "Spring Parent Conferences" or "Bake Sale".

Setting Sign Up Options

Use the Sign Up Title field to edit the title of your Sign Up

Click the End Date field (or the calendar icon) to set the date this Sign Up will close. After the close date, you can still view and print the Sign Up, but parents won't be able to edit or see the Sign Up.

Check the Participants can select more than one item check box if you want parents to be able to select more than one choice. Regardless of this setting, parents cannot select an option that another parent has already selected.

Enter a description or instructions in the Description and/or Instructions field. Your parents will see this text in the mobile app.

Selecting Sign Up Participants

Participants are the parents that are connected to you that you want to participate in this Sign Up. A parent not selected as a participant will not have access to this Sign Up.

Click the Participants tab to display the list of all your connected users. Simply select the users/parents you want to participate in this Sign Up. You can also click Everyone to allow all connected users to participate.

Defining Sign Up Items

Sign Up Items are the choices that the parent can choose. You can add and remove items as you see fit.

To add a new Item, click the Sign Up Items tab. Then click the Add Item... button. Enter the text for your new item. Your parents will see this text in the mobile app.

To edit a item, simply click on the item in the list and click the button.

To change the order of items, click the item you want to move to select it, then click to move the item up in the list, or to move it down in the list.

Setting and Editing Parent Selections

When a parent selects an item, you will see their name under the Selected By column. If there is no name listed for an item, no parent has yet to select that item. You, as the teacher, can set, change, or remove a parent's selection.

To change the selected parent for an item, click the item in the list to select it. Then, click the button. Choose the parent's name you want to assign to the selected item. Or, click Clear to remove the current parent.

Viewing Parent Selections

To view which parents selected which items, just click the Sign Up Items tab and you'll see the parent name (and their child's name) next to the item they selected. Easy!

Click the Print Sign Up button to print the parent selections.