Push Messaging

With schoolGO, you can send a push message to your parents (and anyone else who has connected to you). Push Messages are a great way to communicate with your parents. A bonus to this method is that it is a one way communication. The user gets your message, but can't immediately respond (unless they send you an eMail). This is perfect for messages and reminders like "No school tomorrow", or "The school bus will be 15 minutes late".

How does a user connect to you?

It's easy. The parent simply opens your page in schoolGO. In the top-right corner of the screen is the "Connect" button. They just tap this button and confirm. That's it... they are now connected to you!

Sending a Push Message - schoolGO Desktop

To send a Push Message click the button.

Note: To send a push message, you must be logged in as a teacher.

When the "Send Message" window opens, enter the desired message in the large field. Choose a "Message Type". Note that the user can enable or disable any of these types. If the user has disabled the type you choose, they will not get the message.

When you're ready to send, click "Send Push Message". Your message will be sent. You will see a dialog of how many messages were sent.

Sending a Push Message - schoolGO Mobile

You can also send a push message from within the schoolGO mobile app. This is really useful if you are on the go and need to send a message to your parents.

Launch schoolGO on your mobile device. Tap Settings. Then, tap "Login" under "District/School Staff". Enter your schoolGO user name and password and tap "Login". Once logged in, you'll see "Send Message" in Settings. Tap "Send Message". From here it's pretty much the same, enter your message, choose a type, and tap "Send".