Alternate Languages

With schoolGO, you can provide your content to your viewers in alternate languages.

How does a user change the display language in the mobile app?

It's easy. The parent simply taps Settings. Locate the Language area and select the desired language. That's it. Just restart schoolGO.

Currently, Spanish is available as a second language.
For additional languages, contact schoolGO.

Entering Alternate Language Data

Just look for the flags!

The flag will tell you what language you are currently editing. To change the editing language, simply click the flag and select the desired language. You'll now be editing that language.

When you click on a flag, you'll also see an option labeled Copy English to Spanish. Select this options to copy any data you have entered in the English field to the Spanish field. This will preserve text properties (size, color, style) and any placed images and links. You can then translate the text easily.

When you click on a flag, you'll also see options to open a variety of translators in a web browser. Copy and paste your English text into the translator to translate it to the desired language. Then, copy the translated text into schoolGO.

When you paste text into the machine translator (Google Translate, for example), any formatting of the text will be lost. You'll have to set the formatting of the text when you paste the translation back into schoolGO.