Introduction to schoolGO - Welcome!

schoolGO content is viewed by parents and students in the schoolGO mobile app (available in the App Store or in Google Play). You (the teacher or administrator) edit the content parents see using the schoolGO Editor desktop application (you can get the schoolGO Editor here).

When you enter data into the schoolGO Editor and click "save", the data is immediately uploaded to the schoolGO server and will be available in the schoolGO mobile app (in some cases the user may need to simply restart the mobile app - not reinstall, just restart).

schoolGO Teacher Websites

schoolGO also offers a complete website for teachers. (No way?! Yes way!) All you have to do is enable the website option, choose a web design, and all the data you enter in schoolGO will be instantly included in your personal schoolGO website. If you edit data in schoolGO, your website will be instantly updated.

For instructions on using the Teacher Website feature, click here.