Working With Files

schoolGO allows you to upload your personal files. Once uploaded, you can use (and reuse) them within schoolGO. All the files you upload are listed in your "File Library". You can view the File Library by clicking the icon and choosing "File Library". You can also choose "File Library" from the "Options" menu when available.

You can upload most common file types:

  • Word (doc, docx)
  • Excel (xls, xlsx)
  • PDF
  • Images - Most image types are accepted. Please note that all imported images will be scaled down if they are large and converted to jpg.
  • Audio Files (aif, aiff, m4a, mp3, mpa, wav) - Not all audio file formats are playable on all devices. We recommend using .m4a, .mp3 or .wav.
  • Video Files - Video files cannot be uploaded to schoolGO. However, you can upload your video to your server or YouTube and link to the video.

Adding a file

To add a file to your File Library in schoolGO, first open the File Library. Then, click the "Add File" button. Select the file you want to upload. You'll be given a chance to change the display name of the file. Once uploaded, you'll see the file listed in your File Library.

Using a file

Ready? This is hard... drag the file from the library to where you want to use it. Whew! That was tough! :)

Removing a file

To remove a file from your File Library, select the file in the library and click . When you remove a file from your File Library, that file will be removed from the server. So if you are using the file with your text (as a link), the link will no longer be valid.

Updating a file

You can update a file by selecting the file in the File Library and clicking the button. This will re-upload the file. This is perfect if you are posting a new version of a file. You won't have to change the links!