schoolGO Basics

schoolGO is easy to use. Just fill in the blanks and you're good to go. When you login, you'll see many fields and areas to enter text, images or any data you want your parents to see. You can update your schoolGO data as often as you want. Update your weekly spelling words, details on the big project, classroom expectations, just about anything!

Most items in schoolGO are well labeled and easy to figure out.

Don't fill out everything!

Try to avoid the feeling of having to fill out every field! It's not necessary. Some portions are designed for high school teachers, while others are appropriate for elementary schools. Complete only the areas that are important and useful to you. If you leave an area empty, it will automatically be excluded from what the parents see. schoolGO will always look complete to your parents.

Think Mobile

Keep in mind that the majority of your users will likely be on a mobile device. Be courteous - don't gobble up someone's cellular transfer on 100 images of apples! Include what you want, but try to keep it in check. Also, consider that the fewer images you include, the faster your data will load. Don't you just hate it when it takes forever to load?


When it comes to working in schoolGO, do just what you tell your student's to do... explore! See a button and not sure what it does? Click it. Try it out. Don't be afraid.

More Tips

Avoid Columns - Think Vertical. Most phones have a pretty small display (compared to a piece of paper). So putting your data into tabbed columns just isn't going to look good. Instead, use a list rather than columns.

Less is More - Avoid redundant labels, titles and over-written text. Imagine your reader is standing in the school parking lot waiting for their child. Last thing they want to read is a pile of wordy text just to find out what time the bell rings.