• Content for Everyone!

    schoolGO includes individual areas for the district, each school, and every teacher! You can also include details on non-teaching staff such as district and office personnel.

  • Customized Content

    The content your parents see is 100% completely up to you and your teachers. If you opt not to include a specific area, that area is automatically exclude and the parent won't see it. schoolGO always looks complete.

  • Ease of Use

    Entering data into schoolGO is really simple. Just type. There are no complicated fields to figure out. You don't have to know what a url is. Just click the area you want to fill out and type. Simple. Each user (teacher) has her own File Library. Users can upload almost any type of file to the File Library.

  • Upload Files

    You can enter text and links, import images and files. Just about anything you want! schoolGO will display the data as expected. For example, just enter the url to your school's iCal link and schoolGO will automatically display the perfect mobile calendar.

  • Push Messaging

    Parents can "connect" to any teacher or other staff member in schoolGO. Once connected, they will receive push messages sent by that teacher. The teacher can send a push message to his/her connected parents from their computer or mobile device. No need to collect address, phone numbers or eMail addresses!

  • Teacher Websites

    schoolGO can automatically generate teacher websites. All content entered by a teacher in schoolGO will be displayed in the schoolGO mobile app. But, it can also be included in a website. With this feature, teachers can have a mobile app and a website without having to enter data twice. Sample Websites

  • Sign Ups

    Perfect for Parent/Teacher Conferences, Party Supply Lists, Bake Sale Goods, and much more! Teachers can create Sign Ups where parents can choose an item from a list of choices the teacher has defined. schoolGO will make sure that no two parents select the same item.

  • Multi-Lingual

    schoolGO users can choose to display the app in English or Spanish. Perfect for your non-English speaking population. Additional languages available. Contact schoolGO for details.

  • Samples

    schoolGO contains lots of samples and suggestions of what you can do. Your teachers won't feel lost or confused. I know, I know... we haven't seen YOUR staff! But honestly, it's pretty easy.

  • Affordable

    schoolGO is remarkably affordable. At just $1.00 per student, per year, districts and schools of all sizes – big and small – will find schoolGO to be an outstanding value.

  • App Pass - Parent/User Access

    schoolGO's App Pass feature lets a district or school determine if a password is required for parent access. You can give parents all the same password, or you can issue individual passwords. This could be a great fundraiser! It could also be a great way to get parents involved at school -"donate an hour of your time to the school and get a schoolGO pass".

  • Perception

    schoolGO adds value to your school. The perception that your school is using and embracing technology is good for you. And, actually using it is even better for your students and the community.

  • Support

    You are never left dangling in the wind. Our acclaimed technical support will dazzle you! There's also documentation, samples, and even how-to videos to help you learn schoolGO! We're also available to help with training your staff.

  • And much, much more!

    This is just some of what schoolGO can do. Contact us today for more details and to get started!

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