Using schoolGO

If I have schoolGO create a website, do I have to enter data twice?

No. The schoolGO website generated for teachers uses the same data. So, no double entry.

Can I add my own images and files to schoolGO?

Of course! With schoolGO, you can upload your own images, files, sounds, links, text... you get the idea.

Can I send a push message to just a few parents from my phone?

You can send a Push Message to a single parent, a group of users or everyone that is connected to you.

You can send the message from your mobile device, or your desktop computer.

Do I have to collect all the parent email addresses, phone numbers and other info before I can send a message to the parents?

That's the beauty of schoolGO. You don't have to collect any data from the parents. All the parent has to do is install schoolGO on their mobile device and connect to you. Done.

How does a parent know when I have updated info in schoolGO?

schoolGO has the ability to send a push messsage to parents when you make changes. This can be scheduled and is automatic. You don't even have to remember to notify the parents! Also, updated items in schoolGO are clearly marked with an "updated" banner.

Is there a way for the parent to save several teachers as favorites?

Sure! schoolGO has a "Favorites" section. Just give your mobile device a shake and up comes your favorites. This allows the parent to quickly navigate to saved locations.

Can a teacher add their own custom tabs or areas?

Absolutely! And you don't have to contact schoolGO to do it! Along with all the many areas included in schoolGO, you can have up to 9 custom areas. You can name them and even choose a custom icon for you custom topics!

Note: This feature is not available to schoolGO FREE accounts.


Pricing and Fees

How much is schoolGO?

schoolGO PREMIUM is just $1.00 per student, per year. schoolGO PREMIUM requires a minimum yearly fee of $100.00

schoolGO PLUS is only $29.99 per year.

schoolGO FREE is free!

Are there other hidden costs?

Nope. There are no start-up fees, storage fees, or hosting costs.

We believe in providing a quality product for a reasonable cost.

How much does schoolGO cost our parents?

Zilch. Nadda. Nothin. schoolGO is a free download for parents, students and staff!

Is there a minimum number of students or users?

No. But, schoolGO PREMIUM does carry a minimum yearly fee of $100.00


Getting Help

What can a teacher do if they need help using schoolGO?

On our website, and within the schoolGO Editor, are lots of help documents, samples and how-to videos.

Of course, if they need more help then that, they can contact us directly. We love to help!